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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Motorcycle MOT

Why do I need an MOT test for my motorcycle?

It is a legal requirement that everyone who uses a vehicle on the road must keep it in a roadworthy condition. Any motorcycle over three years old must have a valid MOT certificate.

An annual MOT check ensures your motorcycle adheres to road safety and environmental standards set out by the Government.

Without a valid MOT, not only might your insurance not be valid, but you won't be able to tax your motorcycle, nor be able to park it on the road legally.

Why come to Vertu Motorcycles for your MOT test?

Here at Vertu Motorcycles, all testing carried out on your motorcycle is done by fully trained and qualified technicians using the latest diagnostic tools and equipment.

Our friendly team of brand specialists can offer advice on any MOT enquiry you may have, check for manufacturer recalls* and arrange for a free visual health check to be carried out. We also offer collection and delivery, all at a time and place convenient to you**.

If you have any concerns regarding your motorcycle, do not hesitate to get in touch. Trust that you're in the right hands, here at Vertu Motorcycles.

*On group franchise. **Subject to availability and Insurance administration fee.

How much is a motorcycle MOT?

The cost of the MOT depends on the type of bike you drive. There are two classes of motorcycles: Class 1 and Class 2. All bikes with an engine up to 200cc are included in Class 1, and the bikes in Class 2 have an engine exceeding 200cc.

The cost of an MOT for a standard motorcycle, with no accessories, is a maximum of £29.65. If you have a sidecar attached, the cost of the MOT is slightly higher. You can expect to pay a maximum of £37.80 for a bike with a sidecar.

Vertu Motorcycles MOT tests are always completed by a qualified MOT tester. Enjoy complimentary free WIFI and refreshments while you wait.

How long does a motorcycle MOT take?

An average MOT for a motorcycle takes approximately 27 minutes. However, depending on the type of your motorcycle and if you have a sidecar attached, the full MOT may take as long as 40 minutes. The technicians can give you an estimate of the MOT's duration when you take your motorcycle to the test site. Simply drop it off at your local Vertu Motorcycles test site and collect it when it is ready.

All our test sites offer complimentary WIFI and refreshments while you wait for your MOT to be completed.

If your vehicle fails the test and any immediate repairs are required, the MOT may take longer. You are not allowed to drive a motor vehicle if the MOT has failed until the issues have been resolved. You can, however, ride your bike if your existing MOT certificate is still valid or if you are taking the bike to get fixed.

When does a motorcycle become MOT exempt?

Any motorcycle that has been built or first registered over 40 years ago is eligible for the MOT exemption. The bike also must not have had any substantial alterations made within the last 30 years to be MOT exempt.

Significant alterations are monitored by the Department of Transport (DfT). Forbidden alterations include replacing the chassis, body or engine as well as changing the way the bike works. View the full DfT guidelines about what type of changes are considered "substantial".

Despite being exempt from MOT, it is your legal obligation to keep the bike in a roadworthy condition. The motorcycle should be in a condition to still pass an MOT test, even if you are exempt. Few people are confident in keeping their bikes in an appropriate condition themselves. Many volunteer to take their bikes to a specialist to ensure their motorcycle is properly maintained. This is also actively recommended by the government to ensure safety on roads.

If you fail to maintain the motorcycle in an acceptable condition, your bike's insurance policy may be cancelled.