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Check out our top tips for keeping your motorcycle in peak condition.
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2023's Best Hints and Tips from the Inside Line Newsletter

2023's Best Hints and Tips from the Inside Line Newsletter

Continuing our series on the best of our newsletter, The Inside Line (sign up here if you are not already a loyal reader), we’re looking now at the more practical end of the spectrum. 

Over the year we choose 150-odd stories for the newsletter, and one thing that is perennially popular are hints or tips that you can try at home. Obviously, we recommend that you get all your regular servicing done by your local friendly Vertu Motorcycles but in terms of cleaning and running our bikes day to day, these are some of the most popular articles that you may have missed.

Filling a motorcycle with fuel

One of our most popular articles was written in 2022 but still rings true today, it was our 13 tips to save petrol on your bike article. A lot of eminently sensible advice with one groan-worthy dad joke. Get your tyre pressure right and make sure your bike’s servicing is up to date. (Did we mention that there’s 20% off if you book a service in January 2024?) Book here.

cleaning a bike with bleach

Next, a more cosmetic tip, that proved to be very popular. Who doesn’t want to know how to clean dirty exhaust headers with a particular type of Harpic bleach? The fact the magic ingredient was only £1.30ish makes it all the better. There still might be time to get a bottle as a stocking filler for the biker in your life. You can watch the full test video here.

Bike cleaning tips

This tip, modestly called 900 rpm ofproblem solved” in the original article was one of those “duh” moments that we love. Take a brush, trim the end off and grab it in your drill. The nylon brush won’t damage your metal but will clean it. This proved to be perfect for cleaning between the fins on our aircooled 250. Read the original article here.

Bike hacks

Last up is a veritable Swiss Army knife of tips. From a dirt cheap bike survival kit to velcroing a plastic puck under your seat, these hard-learned lifesavers might help you, too.

Hopefully, you'll find these tips useful, if you have any tips that you think people would appreciate, then please share them with us on Facebook, we’d love to see them and share the best with the Vertu Motorcycle Club members.

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