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We bring you the most entertaining stories from the motorcycle world.
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2023's Most Entertaining Stories from the Inside Line Newsletter

2023's Most Entertaining Stories from the Inside Line Newsletter

In our newsletter, The Inside Line (sign up here if you are not already a loyal reader), we put a lot of thought into the different stories, videos and links that we feature. We’re always trying to make each newsletter more popular than the last.

Over the year we choose 150-odd stories for the newsletter, some go down a storm, some go down in flames. As a holiday treat, we thought we’d put together some of the most popular, in case you missed them or for you to enjoy all over again. A bit like the first time you hear White Christmas again. (Or Last Christmas, you see, we have to make sure we appeal to all sorts.)

For pretty much all of us, bikes are part of the fun side of life. Even commuting can be fun on two wheels. Finding the perfect stories that bring a bit of fun, entertainment or excitement to the newsletter is always a challenge but when people do love something, they really love it.

Is there a magic formula? Er, no, it’s more art and luck than science. However, here are a few that really did go down a storm:


BMW K1600 Wheelie


“You’ll believe a K1600 can fly” is right up there with our most popular posts. Impressive wheelies are one thing but to do impressive wheelies on a 295 kg / 650 lbs K1600GT is next-level. If you missed it the first time, you can watch again here.  And if you’re really inspired, you could have a look for a new one here.

850 GS conversion

Continuing the theme of “things you didn’t know you can do with a BMW”. We found out about the Canadian who successfully managed to marry a Ski-Doo-type track onto a BMW F850GS Adventure. In his front room. He almost didn’t get any further than his front room. However, it did work, he got it outside and it looked like fantastic fun. You can watch for yourself here. If you are inspired to try making your own GS conversion, any of our Motorrad dealerships will be happy to oblige.


Dull Mens Club


A very recent entry into the top charts has barely anything to do with motorcycles but it clearly appealed. The Dull Men’s Club Facebook groupIn fact, even as we checked the link for this, we got distracted by tales of organising spices and out-of-date tin cans. If you find this kind of thing interesting or amusing, you are far from alone.

Ewan McGregor Bike Collection

The last of our entertaining greatest hits is a real classic and combines two things that are catnip to Club members: old bikes and Ewan MacGregor. 

One of our first big hits, it’s hard not to read the article and start daydreaming about what bikes you’d have if you were a Hollywood star (definitely more Hondas, probably fewer Moto Guzzis). He does have a cool collection though.

So what’s the magic formula for Inside Line success? There isn’t one. It could be anything from celebrity to irreverence, engineering skills to riding skills. Part of the fun of putting the newsletter together is imagining what our readers might enjoy. 

We keep our eyes open and when we think we’ve found something perfect, put it in and see if it goes down well. Much like buying Christmas presents, you always want their faces to light up.

If you think you’ve found something then please share it with us on Facebook, we’d love to find out what you like and share it with the Vertu Motorcycle Club readers.

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