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Honda have revealed their bespoke RoadSync app, which allows riders to take advantage of several of the most useful functions on their smartphone through a new Voice Control System.
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Honda Motorcycle Owners Will Now Be Better Connected Than Ever

Honda Motorcycle Owners Will Now Be Better Connected Than Ever

Honda have revealed their bespoke RoadSync app, which works with the brand’s newly-developed connectivity system for motorcycles and scooters, allowing riders to take advantage of several of the most useful functions on their smartphone.

The free app has been developed to synchronise with the new Honda Smartphone Voice Control system.

The Honda Smartphone Voice Control system is set to be available as standard fitment on the 21YM, X-ADV, CB1000R and Forza 750, and as an option on the Forza 350 scooter.

Voice Control enables riders to control their smartphone using wireless connection via Bluetooth between their smartphone and their compatible motorcycle or scooter. Having downloaded the Honda RoadSync app, with a paired Android OS smartphone and a Bluetooth helmet-mounted headset (with audio input), riders will be able to:

- Navigate easily to favourite places and local points of interest,

- Make and receive phone calls,

- Generate and respond to SMS text messages, as well as other messaging apps,

- Listen to music via a favourite streaming app,

- Check the day’s local weather forecast, and, when using navigation, the weather forecast of their destination.

All functionality of the app is operated through a combination of voice input and a 4-way toggle switch located on the left handlebar, allowing the rider to safely store their smartphone in a pocket and remain fully connected.

Developed by Honda, the new Honda RoadSync app will be rolled out across Europe from December 2020, with availability in the UK, with EU countries to follow in 2021.

The exclusive Honda technology is set to be further developed in the future, responding to the future needs of Honda motorcycle owners.

For now, the main functions the new Honda RoadSync app offers are:


Google Maps provides the navigation base for Honda RoadSync. The directions are given to the rider by voice communication. 5 pre-set favourite places can be stored. There is also the option to set a destination through voice commands*.


Five frequent contacts can be stored; contacts can be selected by voice-search*. For incoming calls, the system voices the name of the caller to the rider.


There are five default Quick Messages stored, which can be changed to personalised messages. Riders can voice-search a contact*, then voice-input an SMS message to be sent in text form. Incoming messages are converted to voice feedback. Supported message apps include WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


Riders can pre-select a favourite music app (Google Play Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc) in the Honda RoadSync settings before setting off on their ride.


The day’s local weather forecast can be checked for the following hour, 3 hours or 5 hours ahead. When using Navigation a detailed forecast for the rider’s destination is also available.

For full details of the Honda Smartphone Voice Control system and Honda RoadSync app, click here.

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*Function not available on Forza 350.

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