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If you are planning a trip to MCN Motorcycle London in Feb or the NEC in November, here’s some top tips that we’ve learned along the way.
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Our Top Tips for Visiting Motorshows

Our Top Tips for Visiting Motorshows

You may have seen the coverage on social media, in MCN or on Honda or BMW’s websites but have you been to a bike show?

If you are planning a trip to MCN Motorcycle London in Feb or the NEC in November, here’s some top tips that we’ve learned along the way.


1. Plan ahead to save money

There are usually early bird discounts, so sign up for any show newsletters to be the first to save a few bob. Same goes for the trains. Book a month in advance and you will save a packet. However, you can really save on trains if you...


2. Ride there

We will confess that in 2022 we got absolutely soaked on the way to the NEC. Last year was dry and a lovely winter ride through the countryside. Once you get to the NEC you’ll find the traffic is unusually accommodating for bikes filtering through. Then there is the free, covered bike-specific parking. It’s a very sociable place where you meet people who like to ride in the winter (and see the bikes that the people who like ride in the winter like to ride).


3. Wear trainers and light clothing

You are going to be on your feet all day and there are few places to sit apart from the food outlets (see next point). The shows are in the winter, so you may wrap up warm in the morning but once you’re inside it gets quite warm with all the lights and bodies. Only wear what you’ll be happy to carry.


4. Have a big breakfast before you go

You will not believe the price of food and drink, with a captive audience they can charge what they want. A very basic cheese sandwich and small bottle of water cost us £7.20. We’re still in shock.


5. Find out the times for displays and get there early

The BMW Stand usually has some great demonstrations but they are popular, so if you wander up at the time you could be at the back of a crowd. Only the first row or two get to see all the skills on display.


6. Get involved

We have learned how to how to plug a tyre and tried the BMW racing school demonstrator. It’s not everyday you get the opportunity to ride the latest Honda or Harley on a rolling road, and they are free. You may have to put your name down but it’s well worth it and makes the experience all the more memorable.


7. If you like taking photos, there is a technique to get decent bike photos

We pinched this idea from Speedhunters, and it worked well. You do need a tripod (which you’ll be carrying all day) and a camera that can take 1-2 second exposures. If you time it right then you’ll get a clear enough picture of the bike and passers-by will blur, so long as they are moving. This is easier if you get there early, so start with the obvious showstoppers. Those bikes will get mobbed with people standing looking at them, which you don’t want.


With these tips, we hope you’ll be able to squeeze the most out of your trip and hopefully we’ll see you there.

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