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Each BMW Motorrad Tour motorcycle has been designed to assist you in legendary explorations and adventures - find your perfect travelling companion for this summer!
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Why A BMW Motorrad Tour Motorcycle Could Make Your Summer

Why A BMW Motorrad Tour Motorcycle Could Make Your Summer

Each BMW Motorrad Tour motorcycle has been designed to assist you in legendary explorations and adventures.

There are five models available including the R 1250 RT, the K 1600 B, the K 1600 Grand America, the K 1600 GT and the K 1600 GTL - any of these would be the perfect companion this summer.  

R 1250 RT

The R 1250 RT will help you find the perfect balance between a powerful performance and relaxation at your destination.

Whether you’re touring country roads, or winding mountain passes, this impressive bike can handle multiple terrains and is the perfect partner for your summer excursions.

Not only will you be riding in style with the new R 1250 RTs dynamic appearance, but features such as the extra-large TFT display and Active cruise control will provide you with extra comfort on every journey.

K 1600 B

Experience an extraordinary running smoothness and a powerful ride – the journey begins now with the new BMW K 1600 B.

Become one with the bike and enjoy a relaxed cruise whenever you feel like it, all whilst exploring new horizons.

Good looks and innovative technology aren’t the only features this bike has to offer, as it also provides ultimate comfort with every trip.

If you enjoy feeling the wind on your face, the K 1600 B is the ideal travelling partner for you - cruising is part of the standard equipment.

K 1600 Grand America

You, the K 1600 Grand America and the open road is all you need to relax and enjoy the ride for miles on end.

Combining elements of luxury, comfort and carefree cruising, you’ll be more than impressed with this exquisite bike.

Providing pure riding pleasure and unparalleled running smoothness, the K 1600 Grand America is always prepared to go the extra mile.

Whether you’re riding alone or travelling with a companion, this spacious bike is packed with innovative technology and the possibilities are endless.

K 1600 GT

Experience the world from the saddle of the new BMW K 1600 GT and you’ll be met with dynamic riding pleasure.

Offering on comfort, power delivery and running smoothness, you’ll be astounded by the performance of this remarkable bike.

Innovative highlights, like the intelligent emergency call ECALL, will provide you with ultimate peace of mind that the K 1600 GT has got your back on every ride.

K 1600 GTL

Ride on and sail into the horizon with style and grace, on this high-performance touring motorcycle.

Luxurious, powerful and stylish are just a few words that can be used to describe the new BMW K 1600 GTL and you’ll be riding in sheer comfort.

Make an entrance with this elegant bike and enjoy the feeling of staying calm and collected throughout any weather condition.

Whether you’re riding alone or with a partner, you can enjoy an effortless and controlled journey whilst travelling in style.

Whichever new BMW Motorrad Tour motorcycle you have in mind, you can expect a bike that is built for endurance and adventure.

Discover a world without limitations, as your new BMW Motorrad Tour motorcycle provides an unforgettable experience with every journey, no matter the duration:

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