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A new BMW Motorrad Adventure motorcycle is the perfect companion for chasing dusty tracks and climbing twisty mountain trails, or even cruising long and distant country roads. Discover the range, here.
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Why Vertu Motorcycles Loves The New BMW Motorrad Adventure Range

Why Vertu Motorcycles Loves The New BMW Motorrad Adventure Range

A new BMW Motorrad Adventure motorcycle is the perfect companion for chasing dusty tracks and climbing twisty mountain trails, or even cruising long and distant country roads.

Here’s why we think the new BMW Motorrad range is hard not to love:

Whether you prefer to be a solo adventurist or two-up tourer at the weekends, the extensive scope of the BMW Motorrad Adventure range means you’ll always find a bike to suit you and your needs.

If you have a limitless thirst for adventure that knows no boundaries, choose the R 1250 GS or the R 1250 GS Adventure. Select the S 1000 XR if you want a motorcycle not afraid of curving roads and those extra miles, or equally choose the F 900 XR if you plan to go higher, faster and further. Pick the new F 850 GS or the new F 850 GS Adventure for bikes that boast complete capability and experience. Or, if you’re in the mood for a new perspective on adventure-ready agility, choose the all-new F 750 GS. Equally, choose the new G 310 GS for a motorcycle that can keep up with the pace of the most epic expedition.

R 1250 GS

The R 1250 RS represents unlimited courage and curiosity – it’s ready whenever, for wherever you want to go. It’s now been an icon for four decades - and still continues to inspire with new features.

From the new LED light design that gives it a brilliant appearance and offers maximum visibility, to all the additional equipment, such as seat heating, that gives you ultimate comfort during colder conditions, the newly refreshed R 1250 GS is ready to conquer your next adventure.


R 1250 GS Adventure

The R 1250 GS Adventure lets you know that the world is there to be discovered. From driver assistance systems, lighting technology and advanced riding modes to a USB socket, it offers you everything you need and more to explore unknown places.

The R 1250 GS Adventure will conquer the touring endure; it’s made for impassable routes, adverse conditions and the most remote destinations. BMW have further enhanced the R 1250 GS Adventure’s high standard of touring suitability and comfort.

S 1000 XR

The S 1000 XR is thrilling, precise and confident to ride. The incredible engine that pushes the S 1000 XR is based on the high-performance engine of the new RR; it was optimised according to the XR, for uncompromising long-distance performance.

Additionally, the new S 1000 XR’s longer gearbox in the upper gears ensures smooth running – which you can definitely feel and hear.


F 900 XR

The BMW F 900 XR is incredibly responsive, agile and fierce to ride – just twist the throttle and feel what it has to say for itself.

The F 900 XR’s high-torque two cylinder in-line engine delivers between 4,500 and 8,500 rpm for 87 Nm. The optional Dynamic ESA delivers optimal suspension comfort and very stable handling – you and the F 900 XR will quickly feel at one.


F 850 GS

The F 850 GS is a bike that lets you explore the world, ride on where others turn back and change challenges into opportunities. It’s even perfectly streamlined for off-roading, which is clearly evident from its 21-inch front wheel.

With the new F 850 GS, the expanded standard equipment and a variety of special equipment and special accessories means that you can easily discover what lies beyond the horizon – are you ready for it?


F 850 GS Adventure

The BMW F 850 GS Adventure was built for long trips and demanding terrains – discover the far corners of the world, in confidence, comfort and style.

With enhanced standard equipment, such as the TFT display and BMW Motorrad Connected, the USB charge port as well as ABS Pro and DTC, it’s a dual-sport motorcycle that’s ready for inner-city commutes and even better prepared for long tours around the globe.

Let your curiosity run free on a bike that’s up for going anywhere and doing anything.


F 750 GS

The F 750 GS is easy to handle and masters even rough terrain admirably. Thanks to the extensive range of equipment, you can adapt it perfectly to your personal build and wishes.

The comprehensive standard equipment with ABS Pro, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and LED indicators, as well as the optional Pro riding modes, leaves nothing to be desired.


G 310 GS

With the BMW G 310 GS, your everyday life becomes an adventure – explore the world in confidence, comfort and style.

Thanks to the optimised engine with Ride by Wire and slipper clutch, you can master the urban jungle and make trips into the surrounding area with ease. The G 310 GS is the perfect companion for discovering your city, beyond its borders and off the asphalt roads – are you ready to go for a ride?


Whichever model you go for, BMW Motorrad Adventure bikes are designed and engineered to set you free.

Start your journey to the extreme, right here at Vertu Motorcycles.

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