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Used Bike Preparation Policy

Helmet on, throttle pulled, engine roaring. Owning a motorcycle is special - there's no better feeling than riding off on your next adventure.

At Vertu Motorcycles, you can buy your next used motorcycle with confidence. Our technicians inspect and prepare each used motorcycle to ensure all features meet our high quality standards. So, like your motorcycle, you'll feel reborn the next time you hit the open road.

Ride away with an expertly prepared used bike from Vertu Motorcycles.

  • Bodywork & Paintwork

    1. Bodywork & Paintwork

    Performance is one thing, but it's also important that your motorcycle looks the part. Our technicians carefully examine each used motorcycle before it hits the showroom floor. We check all bodywork and paintwork to remove any scratches, scuffs and scrapes. Ride away with a used bike that looks as good as new.

  • Brakes

    2. Brakes

    Prolonged periods of riding can cause wear and tear on brake systems. This can be a serious safety hazard if not properly addressed. We carry out thorough inspections of each motorcycle's brake pads and discs - repairing or replacing any damaged parts. Your safety is our top priority.

  • Controls and Electrical Equipment

    3. Controls and Electrical Equipment

    The modern motorcycle is likely to include its fair share of technology and gadgets. If there are any broken, damaged, or sub-par electronics or controls, we fix or replace them. This ensures that everything from touchscreen displays to lights and indicators are in full working order.

  • Tyres

    4. Tyres

    The last thing you need when buying a used motorcycle is to worry about the tyres. Bad tyres can be unsafe, less fuel efficient, and look plain ugly. We check each tyre and ensure there's a good tread depth, with no gouges, cuts, or tears. We also make sure they are the right specification for the model - and that both tyres match.

  • Wheels

    5. Wheels

    Performance. Handling. Stability. Just three of the ways wheels can impact your motorcycle. Not to mention the look. We carry out extensive checks on the wheel bearings and repair any damage. This should keep your bike running at peak performance, whilst looking factory fresh.

  • Essential items

    6. Essential items

    Worried that a used motorcycle might come with missing items? Not at Vertu Motorcycles. We check that the correct number of keys, tool kits, and tracker fobs are present, as well as your owner's manual and service book. This way you can see your bike's history and keep it safe and secure for the future.

  • Accessories

    7. Accessories

    Wondering if your storage is going to be in order? Or if you have the right accessories in the event of an accident? Don't worry. We check all accessories including luggage, crash protection, and heated grips, to give you full peace of mind.

As part of our detailed preparation process, we will also check:

  • An original or road-legal exhaust system is fitted
  • The correct size and format number plate is fitted, intact with a rear reflector
  • For any manufacturer recalls
  • That all previous data is cleansed from the bike
  • Chain tension
  • Cambelts
  • Coolant levels
  • Shaft drive oil levels
  • Valve clearances
  • Upholstery

Once all our checks are complete, we take the motorcycle for a test ride to ensure everything is in perfect working order.